IPX-687 I don't let my husband fuck me, but I let my boss fuck me all day

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Get married at the age you want, have your own home, and have a thoughtful husband who always understands you. Hikari thought she would live a happy life for the rest of her life. But when living together, becoming each other's family, it was clear that she loved Kota very much but felt extremely embarrassed when her husband saw her naked. That feeling grew more and more and she continuously refused every time her husband wanted to have sex with her. And someone appeared to break Hikari's heavy, deadlocked life. That person is Yamamoto, Kota's boss. One time Kota got drunk, Yamamoto had to take him back home and briefly talked with Hikari. Her impression of him is quite good, a straightforward, kind person mixed with a feeling of loneliness. The next day, because he forgot his business card box, Yamamoto came to pick it up. It was very hot outside, so Hikari invited him inside for a cup of tea. During this time, the two talked to each other more. Hikari told him about her life and the feelings she encountered when she was close to her husband. Yamamoto also shared about his ex-wife having an affair with someone else. He found out but didn't tell her and just divorced her, taking all the damage on himself. From that moment on, Hikari immediately felt Yamamoto's difficulties, feelings of loneliness, suffering as well as his maturity, experience, and manhood. On the occasion of her husband's business trip over the weekend, Hikari invited Yamamoto over to her house for a drink. While drinking, Hikari suddenly confessed and proactively kissed him. She was also surprised when she did that. It seems Yamamoto didn't refuse either. Thinking that, Hikari immediately became more proactive. Even if it's only for a short time, she wants to be by his side, warm his cold heart, bring him joy and be his wife...

IPX-687 I don't let my husband fuck me, but I let my boss fuck me all day

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